NEWS: Philippine Baranggay Folk Dance Troupe Takes on UK Cultural Tour

This marks the second time that the Philippine Baranggay Dance Troupe will be part of the festival, the first being their appearance three decades ago in 1993.

The Philippine Baranggay Folk Dance Troupe (PB) has announced the start of its UK Cultural Dream Tour, featuring a delegation of 15 members who will take on on a month-long tour. The tour will kick off with the troupe's participation in the Billingham International Folklore Festival of World Dance 2023 (BIFF2023), scheduled from August 12 to 20 in Stockton-on-Tees.

The festival is organized by the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (, led by Secretary General Olga Maloney and her team. CIOFF is officially partnered with UNESCO and holds accreditation to the UNESCO ICH Committee.

This marks the second time that the Philippine Baranggay Dance Troupe will be part of the festival, the first being their appearance three decades ago in 1993. The troupe aims to provide its young, dynamic ensemble – comprised of teachers and students from colleges in Manila – the opportunity to engage in this well-established festival. This experience will help them refine their skills through workshops, performances, and educating audiences about the unique indigenous and traditional dance culture of the Philippines while representing the country on the global stage.

Established in 1946 at the Philippine Normal College (now PNU), the Philippine Baranggay Dance Troupe was founded by Dr. Paz Cielo Angeles-Belmonte, also known as Mommy Bel. The troupe continues to carry forward Mommy Bel's vision and legacy through its dedicated Creative and Development Teams, as well as a volunteer ensemble of dancers and musicians.

After BIFF2023, the troupe will be hosted in London for a two-week stay by its UK affiliate, the Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company (LK). LK, known as Europe's foremost Philippine cultural ambassadors, will provide a busy itinerary including workshops, performances, and barrio fiestas in collaboration with the Philippine Embassy London and the UK Filipino community. The tour will culminate in the presentation of "TIBOK" (Pulse) by LK, scheduled from August 25 to September 3.

PB has maintained a longstanding partnership with LK, with members of PB frequently joining LK for their annual events across Europe over the past three decades.

As a non-profit community group, PB relies extensively on support from families, friends, supporters, and sponsors to carry out its mission of promoting Philippine cultural heritage through music, song, and dance. Donations and sponsorships are crucial to cover administrative costs, travel expenses, and the maintenance of the troupe's extensive collection of costumes, accessories, and musical instruments. The support network that facilitated PB's journey to the UK is deeply appreciated.

For those interested in supporting the troupe, you can send an email to [email protected].


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