Rediscovering Silang, Cavite: An Alternative Destination for Health and Wellness

Beyond Buko Pies and Hot Springs, what I was about to discover is a rich cultural destination that has expanded from just mysterious mountains, national roads and dense forests.
Orly Agawin

I joined a group of vloggers and content creators from Manila in a 5-day tour of health and wellness destinations beyond the South of the Metro. For someone whose family's hometown is in Laguna, what I was to discover was a bagful of surprises and new insights about the South. Beyond Buko Pies and Hot Springs, what I was about to discover is a rich cultural destination that has expanded from just mysterious mountains, national roads and dense forests.

What the Tourism Promotions Board wanted us to experience, is how Southern Tagalog offerings that cater to individual well-being, relaxation, and relative mindfulness.

Our first stop was in Silang, Cavite. The tour tapped into a couple of must-visit places in Silang.

Silang, Cavite is a landlocked municipality in the Province of Cavite, known to many as the Gateway to Tagaytay, it houses an array of pit stops for pasalubongs, and rows of diners and cantinas. With a population of 295,644 according to the Philippine Statistics Authority, Silang's name is derived from the Tagalog word "Silangan," signifying its position in the eastern part of the province.

Though legends has it, the name Silang , stemmed from the Tagalog word "isinilang," which translates to "born." This name choice was influenced by the unexpected emergence of the Parish Church in the area. Additionally, Silang's name symbolizes the land's rebirth following the eruption of Taal Volcano on May 15, 1754.

This event marked a new chapter for the region, making the name Silang deeply intertwined with its history and the resilience of its community.

Perlas ng Silang: A Picturesque Garden-Restaurant in Silang, Cavite

Our first stop was the enchanting PERLAS NG SILANG. This garden restaurant takes the essence of a botanical oasis, presenting itself as a haven for nature enthusiasts and food aficionados alike. With attention to detail, Perlas ng Silang immerses guests in a fascinating milieu where verdant foliage, vibrant blooms, and the soothing melody of chirping birds create an ideal setting for a relaxing and picturesque dinning experience for naturalists.

The garden is intricately landscaped and thoughtfully curated - boasting a harmonious blend of lush greenery, and carefully arranged floral displays, with Filipino kundimans at the background. Perlas ng Silang showcases the natural beauty of the local environment - a seamless integration of garden charm, culinary experience, and Filipino charm.

As we took our late breakfast under what seemed to be a thatched nipa roof, the fragrant blossoms and the gentle whisper of the breeze, it became evident that Perlas ng Silang takes its commitment to the Filipino motif in dining and experience, delivering a delightful fusion of Pinoy gastronomy and botanical delight.

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm: An Enchanting Bee Sanctuary in Silang, Cavite Where Nature and Wellness Meet

Next stop was ILOG MARIA HONEYBEE FARM - a bee sanctuary in a hidden estate in Silang. Conceptualized during a drought in the mid-80s, it was serendipity that led its owners to find ways to create a sustainable and environment-friendly farm that grows honeybees and makes a future out of it.

As we walked through the landscape, we were greeted by the surprising aromas of camia, sampaguita, magnolia, lavender, oregano, and the subtle blooms of seasonal fruits, dama del dia, fortune plants, and wild vines.

The warm, biting Habagat carried these scents and blown gently by the cool, perpetual Amihan, thus creating an olfactory delight dancing in the air. And as the flowing river and stream cool the air, a congruous blend of fragrances comes to life, transforming the place into an aromatic paradise.

Now, Ilog Maria has grown into a highly viable business and an interesting destination for Silang visitors. It has become a sanctuary for both bees and humans, sharing the bounties of nature and the secrets of honey-making. By its entrance is their nature's shop, where an array of health and wellness products are on display, showcasing the diversities that bee farming has to offer.

Through the landscape, surrounded by the fragrance and the soft buzzing of bees, the allure of Ilog Maria is quite undeniable. It's where nature's magic thrives, and the complex process of honey-making become an extraordinary journey of discovery and wonder.

Pamahaw by Dahon sa Mesa: A Generous Pit Stop in Silang, Cavite

Along the national road of Silang lies an array of restaurants and diners catering to travelers and passersby on their route to the well-known destination, Tagaytay. But for lunch, we had our pit stop in Pamahaw By Dahon at Mesa. Situated along Tagaytay Road in Silang, Pamahaw offers an airy and scenic dining experience. "Pamahaw" a Cebuano term for "breakfast," features a repertoire of Filipino cuisine with considerably generous portionings.

Pamahaw offers a spacious dining area, accommodating guests of all sizes. Its interior provides a comfortable space for diners though its white walls and high ceilings. Clean and well-lighted, the design offers a palatial space that doesn't make you feel like you're in a crowded diner during the peak hours of lunchtime.

Additionally, for a more exclusive experience, the Pamahaw offers towering nipa huts between its main building and farms, making it ideal for families and groups seeking a unique dining setting.

We had Shrimp Sinigang, Ensalada (Filipino Salad), Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelette), more than two rounds of freshly baked pandesal, and what seemingly was a perpetual serving of rice.

What struck me the most was the ample servings at Panahaw. The Sinigang was brimming with deliciously sour broth and abundant sugpo (shrimps), leaving us with the delightful problem of finishing all the shrimps.


As we drove along the familiar Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road to Twin Lakes, where we were to take a break, have another meal, and spend our first night, I pondered the insights I had gained from my time in Silang, Cavite. Back in the 90s, when I was younger, Silang was merely a winding national road leading to my beloved Tagaytay.

However, on this trip, I took the time to pause and appreciate its essence. Silang holds generous and fascinating health and wellness destinations that we mainly had overlooked just because our attention was so focused on the familiar destination ahead.

Give it a try. When you do, you'll be glad you did.

Additional photos courtesy of Uno Production

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