WATCH BEHIND THE CURTAINS: Diving Into the Music of tick tick BOOM!'s with Daniel Bartolome (Episode #2)

BEHIND THE CURTAINS continues with tick...tick...BOOM!'s Musical Director, Daniel Bartolome, to tell us more about Jonathan Larson's music.
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Daniel Bartolome of 9PO and Musical Director of 9 Work's Theatrical's 2023 production of Jonathan Larson's tick...tick...BOOM! introduces us to his band, and shares his insights on Larson's pioneering music and concepts for the material.

The “Behind the Curtains” docuseries is a collaborative effort between BroadwayWorld Philippines and Culture Nurtures. With producer-approved access, we capture behind-the-scenes, pre-show, and live performance moments.

We aim to spotlight the creative process and dedication to the arts, all while respecting privacy and sensitivities. Ensuring artist safety and production integrity is paramount. This docuseries celebrates art while honoring those involved. 

Special thanks to Jonjon Martin of 9 Works Theatricals, Oliver Oliveros of Broadway World, Jude Cartalaba of The Modern Scribe and the wonderful people of 9 Works Theatrical. We wouldn't have done it without you. 

On behalf of Culture Nurtures and BroadwayWorld, are happy to share with you our newest episode of BEHIND THE CURTAINS.

Watch here.

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